Note: Due dates of the exams and project will not move, however the timeline of topics and smaller assignments might be updated throughout the semester.

Date Lesson Slides Reading Lab AE HW EC Exam Project
Week 01
Tues, Aug 27 Welcome to Statistical Models
Thur, Aug 29 Lab 01: R you ready?
PART 1: Thinking about, visualizing, and wrangling data
Week 02
Tues, Sep 3 Elements of data analysis
Tidy data
Data and visualization
Thur, Sep 5 Lab 02: Data in the wild
PART 2: Simple Regression
Week 03
Tues, Sep 10 Simple Linear Regression
Thur, Sep 12 Interpreting Results
Lab 03: Simple linear regression
Week 04
Tues, Sep 17 Evaluating models
Influential points
Thur, Sep 19 What if it's not a line? Data transformations!
Week 05
Tues, Sep 24 Drawing inference
Partitioning variability
Thur, Sep 26 Regression and correlation
Prediction intervals
Lab 04: Interpreting results
Week 06
Tues, Oct 1 Review
Thur, Oct 3 Midterm 01
Week 07
Tues, Oct 8 Reynolda Data
Thur, Oct 10 No Class: Fall Break
PART 3: Multiple Regression
Week 08
Tues, Oct 15 Multiple linear regression
Thur, Oct 17 Variable types
Variable transformations
Week 09
Tues, Oct 22 Variable transformations recap
Model Comparison
Thur, Oct 24 Lab 05: Multiple regression in practice
PART 4: Categorical data analysis
Week 10
Tues, Oct 29 What are the odds?
Thur, Oct 31 Odds Ratios
Assessing logistic conditions
Week 11
Tues, Nov 5 Evaluating logistic regression models
Logistic regression inference
Thur, Nov 7 Lab 06: Inference with logistic regression
Week 12
Tues, Nov 12 Multiple logistic regression
Thur, Nov 14 Midterm 02
Week 13
Tues, Nov 19 Discuss final project
PART 5: Data Science-ing
Thur, Nov 21 Communicating a data analysis
Better poster
Week 14
Tues, Nov 26 Interactive data visualization and reporting
Thur, Nov 28 No Class: Thanksgiving
Week 15