Final Project Rubric


There are two portions to the final project, a written portion and a presentation portion.

Written portion

Due: Friday, December 6 at noon



10 pts

·      Succinctly and correctly summarizes the research question, methods, results and conclusions



10 pts

·      Motivates the research question

·      Cites relevant research

·      Describes where the data came from

·      Provides background information on the data set

·      Provides background information on the research question



15 pts

·      Describes the data (what are the observations? What are the variables? Is there any missing data?)

·      Describes how missing data will be handled (if necessary)

·      Describes at least 3 models that will be fit (the models must be of sufficient complexity, i.e. at least one must include interaction terms or polynomial terms)

·      Describes the assumptions of these models and how the assumptions will be assessed

·      Describes how the models will be compared

·      Describes how the final model will be chosen



25 pts

·      States “All analysis was completed using R” and cites all packages used

·      Shows which model was chosen and why (give the equation for the final model as well as the statistics that designated it as “best”)

·      Shows that the final model fits the assumptions

·      Shows a table of the coefficients for the final model with confidence intervals

·      Correctly interprets all coefficients in the final model



Discussion & Conclusion

5 pts

·      Summarizes what you learned from the models, how they answered your research question



5 pts

·      Includes all R code

·      Includes any additional plots/tables from the intermediate models (the ones that were not chosen as the “final” model)



5 pts

·      12 pt font

·      Double spaced

·      All plots are labeled

·      All plots and tables have captions

·      All code is in the Appendix

·      All tables are made using the `kable()` function




Presentation portion

Slide Due: Tuesday, December 3 at noon

Presentation: Tuesday (Dec 3) or Thursday (Dec 5)


Each presentation will last 5 minutes.


Presentation style


·      One slide

·      The presentation “slide” fits the template discussed in class

·      The font is large enough (legible)

·      The plots include labels and are large enough to see

·      All members of the group speak during the presentation




·      The research question is clearly identified

·      The data source is clearly explained




·      The models being compared are clearly described

·      How the assumptions of these models will be assessed is clearly described

·      How the “best” model will be selected is described




·      The model that was chosen is clearly described (along with the statistic that made this model “best”


Discussion & Conclusion


·      A brief description of what was learned