Lab 06: Building reports in R

Due Nov 14 at noon Turn in the .pdf file on Sakai

  1. Change your document to create a pdf rather than an html document. Knit to make sure it worked.

  2. Hide all of your R chunks and have them print at the end of your document. Knit to make sure it worked.

  3. Follow the “steps for a data analysis”. We are analyzing the Leukemia data from the Stat2Data package. Be sure to learn about the data and variables. We are doing inference on a model predicting whether the patient responded to treatment from Age. In the results section, use the kable() function to print the output from the tidy() function of the model you fit.

  4. Rank each of the following principles from the Elements and Principles of Data Analysis article for this data analysis from 1 to 10 along with a one sentence summary: